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About Us


J&J Guide Service is owned and operated by folks who "live to hunt." Our team is committed to providing hunters with real Montana hunting experiences that offer action, challenge, and success. Our hunts make for great memories that will last a lifetime (or keep you coming back year after year)!


Meet the Owners (we're guides, too!)

J&J Guide Service is owned by Rich & Sue Schneider of Montana, Rick & Jeanine Wilund, and Mike & Kelly Haubert of Wisconsin. Rich, Rick, and Mike are avid and experienced outdoorsmen who have been hunting their entire lives and sharing successful hunting adventures together since they became good friends many years ago. Sue is also quickly becoming an avid outdoorswoman with her own successful hunting experiences! Our hunting adventures have taken us to Iowa, Manitoba, Ontario, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

In 2012, wanting a big life change and more days in the field each year, Rich and Rick decided to pursue their love of hunting and the outdoors after a successful partnership venture as archery and custom bow shop operators. With the help and support of their families, they started Living the Dream Outdoors, LLC and purchased beloved J&J Guide Service in Ekalaka from the retiring owners. In 2015, good friends “Iron Mike” and Kelly Haubert joined Living the Dream Outdoors to further strengthen the ownership team. In 2017, we added another dimension to the business by purchasing a second outfitting business from retiring owners near Montana's Little Belt Mountain range. In 2021, we've become one of Montana's largest and most diverse outfitters by purchasing Two Bear Outfitters near Missoula from retiring owners. Moving forward, J&J Guide Service will continue to operate with the high ethical and moral standards that their customers deserve and have come to expect. Thanks so much for choosing J&J Guide Service and supporting our vision for high-quality big game hunts in some of the world's great landscapes!


Contact Info:

J&J Guide Service

Rich Schneider - (715) 820-0869
130 Hwy 323 P.O. Box 456
Ekalaka, MT 59324

To book a hunt or have specific questions answered email us at:


Alternate Contacts:

Rick Wilund - (715) 514-8833
W5152 County Road A
Prentice, WI 54556

Mike Haubert - (715) 628-0473
9840 N. 64th Ave
Merrill, WI 54452