Archery Hunts

Montana has a six week archery season that opens the first Saturday in September and closes in mid October. Eastern Montana has long been known for the trophy quality of its whitetail and mule deer and in recent years has also become known as home to some of the world's largest elk. In recent years, central Montana, has been enjoying an elk population that is at or above Montana's state objectives.

Archery Camp:  Our hunts are typically conducted with two to four hunters in camp per week. Hunts are conducted from tree stands or ground blinds over waterholes or trails between morning and evening feeding and bedding areas. Hunting techniques also include "spot and stalk" along with bugling or cow calling bull elk. First time applicants planning to bowhunt for elk at our Ekalaka camp have about a 25% chance of drawing a tag. Hunters planning to hunt our Musselshell camp have about a 80% chance at drawing on their first try and although Southeastern Montana is considered one of the best trophy areas in the state, monster bull elk can be found at both camps. Our camps also offer hunters the opportunity to take exceptional mule deer or whitetail deer. When hunting antelope we will use various techniques such as spot and stalk, decoys, or sitting in blinds over waterholes.

Nonresident License Information:

2020 "elk & deer combination" license (17,000) cost is $1046 and on a draw system. The "deer only" license (4,600) cost $612 and also on a draw. The "elk only" license costs $884, also on a draw. Montana has a preference point system that will enhance your chance to receive a license when booking 1-1/2 to 2 years in advance. Application deadline for elk and or deer licenses is April 1st. Antelope licenses cost was $205 and are on a limited draw basis with an application deadline of June 1st.

Archery Permits Required

Non-resident deer

Hunters at both camps apply for General Deer Permit

Non-resident elk

Ekalaka hunters apply for 900-20 Archery Elk Permit

Musselshell hunters apply for General Elk Permit

Non-resident antelope  

Hunters at both camps apply for 900-20 Archery Antelope Permit

All bowhunters must purchase an archery stamp ($10) by providing a copy of an NBEF Bowhunter Education Certificate or any prior year's bowhunting license  from another state.

Booking and General Information

  • We require a 1/3 deposit when reservations are made. Deposits are nonrefundable unless license is not drawn, then the deposit will be refunded or applied to the following year at your discretion. Balance of the price of hunt is to be paid 30 days prior to arrival.
  • The price of the hunt includes everything except hunting licenses and permits, transportation to and from camp and any gratuities you feel appropriate. 
  • J&J Guide Service is happy to provide our hunters any assistance they may need when applying for hunting licenses, special permits and bonus or preference points. 
  • Hunters should arrive between 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. the day before their hunt begins and depart after lunch on the last day.
  • J&J Guide Service provides all necessary services and equipment to insure your success including guide service, meals, lodging and trophy care, which includes skinning and caping of animals. Meat processing and transportation is not included and is the responsibility of the hunter.
  • The only thing you are required to bring is your personal gear, shooting equipment, license and clothing.

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