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2024 Ekalaka Hunt Prices

Ekalaka Guided Hunt Prices


Ekalaka Antelope Hunting

3-Day Rifle -or- Archery Antelope Hunt (different seasons):

2 Antelope hunters/1 guide: $2,700 per hunter

1 Antelope hunter/1 guide: $3,200


Ekalaka Whitetail Deer Hunting

5-Day Rifle -or- Archery Whitetail Hunt (different seasons):

2 Whitetail deer hunters/1 guide: $5,250 per hunter

1 Whitetail deer hunter/1 guide: $5,750


Ekalaka Mule Deer Hunting

5-Day Rifle Mule Deer Hunt:

2 Mule deer hunters/1 guide: $5,850 per hunter

1 Mule deer hunter/1 guide: $7,350

5-Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt:

1 Mule deer hunter/1 guide: $5,850 (due to the challenge level - all archery Mule deer hunts 1-on-1)


Ekalaka Elk Hunting

5-Day Rifle Elk Hunt:

2 elk hunters/1 guide: $7,350 per hunter

1 elk hunter/1 guide: $8,850

5-1/2 Day Archery Elk Hunt:

2 elk hunters/1 guide: $7,250 per hunter

1 elk hunter/1 guide: $8,750


Ekalaka Elk & Deer Combo Hunt

5-Day Rifle Elk & Deer Hunt:

2 combo hunters/1 guide: $8,350 per hunter

1 combo hunter/1 guide: $9,850

5-1/2 Day Archery Elk & Deer Hunt:

2 combo hunters/1 guide: $7,750 per hunter

1 combo hunter/1 guide: $9,250


*Adding species to a Deer or Elk Hunt

An Antelope hunt is +$1000 (per hunter) when added to any Deer, Elk, or Deer/Elk Combo Hunt - only available during archery season and weeks 1 & 2 of the General Rifle season.

A Cow Elk hunt is +$1500 (per hunter) when added to any Deer, Elk or Deer/Elk Combo Hunt - please call us for details.


Ekalaka Spring Turkey Hunting

3-Day Shotgun or Archery Turkey Hunt - 1 Bird Limit:

2 turkey hunters/1 guide: $1,950 per hunter 

1 turkey hunter/1 guide: $2,150

*To add a second turkey (when available) - hunters must purchase a 2nd tag from Montana FWP while hunting with us; adding a second turkey is +$750 per hunter.

**Hunters should not purchase a second turkey tag before arriving to hunt with us. A second license is available locally after we discuss the hunt, the season's bird populations, weather, etc.


Ekalaka Upland Bird Hunting

3-Day Hunt or Daily Bird Hunt Rates:

2 bird hunters/1 guide: $2,500 or ($850/day) per hunter

1 bird hunter/1 guide: $2,750 or ($950/day)


Ekalaka Prairie Dog Hunting

3-Day Hunt -or- Daily Prarie Dog Hunt Rates:

2 hunters/1 guide:  $1000 or $350/Day per hunter

1 hunter/1 guide:  $1,250 or $450/Day


Bringing a Non-hunting Guest(s):

Bring a guest for the General Rifle hunting season for +$1500/week (depends on availability).

Bring a non-hunting guest during all other seasons for +$150/night (duration of stay depends on season).


Frequently-asked Gratuity Questions:

One of the more common questions that we get from our clients is: what is the appropriate amount to tip guides and cooks? At J&J Guide Service, we are very proud of our guides and cooks, they are exceptionally hard-working individuals and we believe that they are as good as any you will find in the industry. Even so, we feel that tipping your guide or cook, while always appreciated, is never an expectation. Providing you with a great experience is our first and foremost goal! If, at the end of your stay, you feel inspired to tip your guide and cook for a job well done, the industry standard is typically in the 10% to 20% range of the price of your hunt.