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2021 Rates

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Gratuity & Tipping Questions

Two of the more common questions that we get from our clients are: "Should hunters tip their guide or camp staff for a job well done?" and "What is the appropriate amount to tip guides and cooks?"

We know that tipping is personal, regional, and often difficult to know what to do with. Please don't stress about it! At J&J Guide Service, we are really proud of our guides and cooks - they are exceptionally hard-working and we believe that they are as good as any you will find in the hunting industry. Even so, while very appreciated, cash gratuity is never expected; providing you with a great experience is our goal! If at the end of your adventure, you feel inspired to tip your guide and cook for a job really well done - the travel and hunting industry standard is approximately 10% to 20% the price of your hunt (or anything at all). Don't stress - we're here for you and your high-quality hunt - with or without gratuity!


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