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Mountain Lion Hunting in Montana

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Mountain Lion Hunting in Montana

This is a lodge-based mountain lion hunt from our Hamilton (Two Bear) hunting camp. Our mountain lion hunts are offered December through February. We utilize dogs and often snowmobiles to cover the country in search of big lions. 

Availability & Rates

Lodge-Based 5-Day Winter Mountain Lion Hunt Rates:
1 mountain lion hunter to 1 guide ($8000)

Notes for hunters:
An unlimited mountain lion license is required to hunt in this western Montana (Bitterroot NF) hunting unit. We are always happy to assist in sorting the application process and details. Weapons can include archery gear, rifles, pistols, or muzzleloaders. Mountain lion hunting is only available from our Two Bear hunting camp.

Upland Bird Hunting in Montana

Upland Bird Hunting in Montana

We access huge parcels of land for natural, wild bird populations (something that is increasingly hard to find). Many hunters don’t realize that Montana is home to America’s healthiest population of Sharp-tailed Grouse! Mix in the missile-like Hungarian (Grey) Partridge and cagey Ringneck Pheasants and you’ve found some of the best bird hunting in the U.S.A.

Ekalaka offers a fantastic mixed-bag hunt of all three of these wild bird species. Our Musselshell camp offers primarily Hungarian Partridge with some Sharp-tailed Grouse mixed in. We happily provide our hunting dogs or feel encouraged to bring yours! We don’t take many hunters and we pay careful attention to our populations.

Rates & Notes

3-Day Hunt or Daily Bird Hunt Rates:
2 bird hunters to 1 guide ($2750 or $950 daily per hunter)  -OR-  1 bird hunter to 1 guide ($3250 or $1100 daily)

Bag Limits (subject to MT changes):
Pheasant: 3 roosters
Sharp-tail: 4
Partridge: 8
Total possession limit is 2x these numbers.

Notes for Hunters:
Montana upland bird license is required (over the counter). 20-, 16-, or 12-gauge shotguns are preferred. Medium to long shots on open terrain. Full-choke firearms are preferred. Upland bird hunts are available from our Ekalaka or Musselshell hunting camps.

Waterfowl Hunting in Montana

Waterfowl Hunting in Montana

Ducks (wigeon, pintail, teal, gadwall, goldeneye, and more!), geese (Canada & snow), local & Canadian mallards, and many more! We offer our fowl hunts as an exciting add-on to our autumn Pronghorn antelope hunts from our Musselshell camp. We utilize field sets over decoys with A-frame blinds or layouts. We provide hunting dogs or feel encouraged to bring yours!

Availability & Rates

Add a Fowl Hunt to an Antelope Hunt:
$950 per hunter

Notes for Hunters:
12-gauge shotguns are preferred. Steel shot and full-choke are a must.

Bag limit specifics change each year depending on local populations. All hunters 16 years or older must purchase the Federal Duck Stamp when hunting migratory waterfowl. All hunters 12 years or older must purchase the Montana Migratory Bird License. Hunters are required to have proof of participation in the Harvest Information Program (HIP). Waterfowl hunts are only available from our Musselshell hunting camp.

Montana Spring Black Bear Hunting

Montana Spring Black Bear Hunting

Welcome to fantastic mountain country bear hunting! We offer high numbers of big black bears with multiple color phases (including black, blonde, chocolate, cinnamon, and even a few multi-colored black/blonde and cinnamon/chocolates!). Our spring bear season is a fantastic time to be on foot in the mountains. Our bear hunts are spot-and-stalk, fair-chase (bait is forbidden in Montana), and occasionally utilize predator calling. Additionally, we offer hunting by hound by request.

The southern slopes, avalanche shoots, and old logging roads produce tasty new grass shoots that the bears seek out post-hibernation. The bears here are on the move, hungry, and in need of replenishing calories burned over the winter months. Our bear numbers are so solid that you might see bears every day of your hunt.

Availability & Rates

Lodge-Based 5-Day Spring Black Bear Hunt:
2 bear hunters to 1 guide ($3950 per hunter)  -OR- 1 bear hunter to 1 guide ($4450)

*Add an Autumn Bear Hunt (when in season) to any elk hunt for +$1000 (depending upon availability).

Notes for Hunters:
Your bear license can be purchased over the counter here. An easy bear identification test must be completed prior to purchasing the license. Hunting weapons can include rifles, pistols, muzzleloaders, or archery tackle. Black bear hunting is only available from our Two Bear hunting camp.

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